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We are the world's betting media

We are for those who want an abundance of game suggestions for the biggest football matches. We are here for those aiming to improve their betting skills, to find inspiration, or simply to be entertained.

BetBoi was founded in 2020, amidst the havoc of the coronavirus, with countries shutting down worldwide. We needed something meaningful to spend our time on, given that there weren’t any football matches to watch and bet on, which typically occupies most of our working week as sports betters.

Since then, the development of BetBoi has surged. From initially creating a closed discord group with just experts sharing bets, we now also offer our very own subscription service ‘BetBoi Plus+’, where we sell our top game suggestions both pre-game and live. This website was launched in Summer, 2023, offering daily betting content.


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Womens soccer and Eurobasket

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AI Machine learning

Managed by two data scientists

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s how it’s achievable:

  1. Odds Analysis: With countless events, bookmakers might inaccurately set odds. We excel at identifying these discrepancies to capitalize on them.
  2. Experienced Team: Our betting experts have a long-term track record of profitability, which helps in pinpointing value bets.
  3. In-depth Research: Our knowledge of specific leagues, teams, and players gives us an edge, allowing us to see opportunities others might miss.
  4. Strategic Money Management: We utilize sound bankroll management and stake sizing to maximize profitability.
  5. Discipline: Our methods prioritize strategy over emotion, ensuring disciplined and consistent picks.

In short, our strategic and informed approach helps us consistently turn a profit in the complex world of sports betting.

Betboi Plus+ is a paid service where we sell odds and picks. We sell profit tips before the matches start in The Sportsbetter and Ai Machine Learning. Long term we generate profits for ours subscribers.

All subscriptions run on Telegram. Once you have paid through our payment provider, you gain access to a private group. In this group, we send out games when we find something that, in our view, contains value.

You can download Telegram here

If your credit card has expired, or you want to switch to another payment method, please send us a message with your email address. We will then send you a link to change your payment method.

No, we cannot. As with all other investments, you risk losing based on our recommendations, so your betting is solely at your own responsibility.

Our AI-powered system begins by collecting vast amounts of data on every player, team, game, and even external factors like weather. Each player is modeled based on attributes such as speed, historical performance, and more. The system then undergoes a training phase, where it learns patterns from historical data. Using this knowledge, it predicts future game outcomes based on current data. After each game, actual results are fed back into the system, allowing it to continuously refine and improve its predictions. Remember, while our AI provides statistically-informed estimates, there’s always an inherent unpredictability in sports.

experts graph winnings

The sportsbetter

Data used since the beginning when we started as a small group of experts in discord until today. 


AI Machine Learning

Long term profits for more than 1.5 years, typically lower return but can produce more picks and therefor greater profit.